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O W Office warehouse

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   Global Retailers current investment opportunity is for "qualified investors" only. DECORADOR is a home furnishings and home décor specialty retail chain in Poland. DECORADOR is presently undergoing a cost-driven strategic restructuring to position itself for an initial public offering (IPO) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). DECORADOR will be the high-tech home décor store for the emerging markets. 
   Poland is an ideal launch country for the brand because of its consistently high-performing economy, stable government, central geographical location, population demographics and economic stability and resiliency. DECORADOR is a game-changer for the home décor retail sector throughout Poland, the CEE and the MENA countries. Fifty percent of the retail opportunities in the world as identified by A T Kearney, the renowned international management consultant company is located in the CEE and MENA countries. 

Success stories

   The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) completed more than 40% of all IPOs offered in Europe in recent years, including the London Stock Exchange. The current investment opportunity with Global Retailers is a pre-IPO investment for "qualified investors". Based on the Founder's prior execution experience, the extraordinary retail opportunity in the CEE and MENA countries, current valuations of publicly traded home décor and furnishings companies in the U.S., and recent transactions in the sector, the Founder has set a minimum valuation threshold of 10.0x the Company's EBITDA for the exit strategy. The Founder and his past CFO in Poland played a leading role in the start up, development and sale of O W Office Warehouse, a 44-store office supply chain with $200 million in sales after only three years of operations, to OfficeMax, Inc. in 1992. O W was sold for $76 million, rewarding some early investors $28 for every dollar invested. 

O W Office warehouse

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