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     DECORADOR’S  ‘targeted markets’ are the countries with emerging economies within the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.  Poland and Turkey are both  ideal countries for the reboot of DECORADOR.  The Founder has resided and worked in both countries.   DECORADOR plans to open 159, 387 and 549 stores in Poland, Turkey and Russia, respectively over a period of years.  The DECORADOR Master Franchise System™ will be marketed throughout the smaller countries of the CEE and MENA regions.  Fifty percent (50%) of the stores will be company-owned and fifty percent (50%) will be franchisee-owned stores.  The DECORADOR $2 Billion Vision rolls out more than 2,000 stores in its targeted markets generating sales of more than $2 billion.

   The founder has served as the Chief Executive Officer in three companies (Casa & Construcao of Brazil, Planet Home Centers of Turkey, Decorador of Poland) in three different countries with emerging economies. The DECORADOR business model is a culmination of his successes and failures in these retail assignments which are best illustrated by his Power of 3ᶾ ™ methodology and his Triad Operating Platform™ (TOP).  Although the model has proven complicated and difficult for other retailers to copy, the Power of 3ᶾ and TOP simplifies the 24/7 execution of the model by the empowered staff of DECORADOR.  Although several other retailers have tried to copy the model, all have failed ….

   Investments  in the Series B  $5,000,000 Private Placement Memorandum Offering (PPM)  funds the DECORADOR reboot. This investment will lead to several probable pre-IPO’s as an exit strategy for ‘qualified’ investors; 1) Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) in Poland, 2) Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) in Turkey and 3) Moscow Stock Exchange (MSE) in Russia as the Brand is started up in Poland, Turkey and Russia.  In addition, DECORADOR Master Franchise System™ will be marketed throughout the remaining emerging markets of the CEE and MENA regions.   An additional $25,000,000 will eventually be required to complete the $2 Billion Vision.  These funds will be  generated from an EUR 5,000,000 European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) loan, the three in-country Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and by company-operations.  Qualified Investors can reap the low-hanging fruit of the emerging markets by  investing  in the DECORADOR $5,000,000 Series B  PPM Offering.      

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