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In addition, Russians are engaging in e-commerce, running up more than $9 billion in online sales per year.

    Global Retailers estimates that Russia’s population of 141,900,000 could support the opening of 549 or more DECORADOR stores over a five-year period.

​   DECORADOR Single Store Franchise Systems™ are available in any Russian city under 200,000 in population. Multi-store Master Franchise Systems™ are available for any Russian city over 200,000 in population. Interested investors should inquire at
The following PDF file lists the
     1) major cities in this country;
     2) the number of stores, by prototype for each city;
     3) the tentative five-year store roll-out plan.

   This data has been complied based upon ‘on the ground’ market research by the founder and validated by independent market research companies. Although the number of stores and size of stores by city may change based upon the updated market demographics and economic conditions; this data reflects the minimal number of stores that can be supported by the country’s population. This detailed analysis is essential in establishing the brand valuation and its future multiple for the exit strategy from the country.

   Investors for the DECORADOR Reboot  or investors interested in purchasing a Master Franchise System™ for their country should inquire at


 Russia Store Roll-out Plan:

   DECORADOR will open and operate company and franchise-operated stores in Poland, Turkey and Russia. In addition the DECORADOR Master Franchise System ™ will be marketed and operated in the remaining smaller countries of the CEE and MENA regions.
    Russia continues to grow, and consumption has rebounded to pre-downturn levels. Its market is also relatively more mature than other countries in the GRDI. While Russia may not be an early-opportunity market anymore, it may be entering a phase in which it is compared to established European markets.
     The challenges of doing business in Russia are well documented, and the real estate market is limited and expensive. However, near-term growth prospects and market fundamentals appear strong, with retail sales at $600 billion per year. Global Retailers has identified Russia as a priority market alongside of Poland and Turkey.  

  ​ Unlike Western European consumers who tightened their belts during the downturn, Russian shoppers kept spending. With low savings rates, rising disposable income, and a strong sense for premium and luxury brands, Russian shoppers returned quickly from the downturn. The market is increasingly attractive to international retailers seeking to make up for falling demand in established markets.

   Russia's still-fragmented retail industry—the top five control less than 15 percent of the market—has led to speculation about when (not if) international retailers not already present will enter.