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Poland Store Roll-out Plan:

   This detailed analysis is essential in establishing the brand valuation and its future multiple for the exit strategy from the country.  

   DECORADOR Single Store Franchise Systems ™ are available in any Polish city under 200,000 in population. Multi-store Master Franchise Systems ™ are available for any Polish city over 200,000 in population.


   DECORADOR will open and operate company and franchise-operated stores in Poland, Turkey and Russia. In addition the DECORADOR Master Franchise System ™ will be marketed and operated in the remaining smaller countries of the CEE and MENA regions. The following PDF file lists the:
   1) major cities in this country;

   2) the number of stores, by prototype for each city;
   3) the tentative five-year store roll-out plan;

   Investors for the DECORADOR Reboot  or investors interested in purchasing a Master Franchise System™ for their country should inquire at

​   This data has been compiled based upon ‘on the ground’ market research by the founder and validated by independent market research companies.Although the number of stores and size of stores by city may change based upon the updated market demographics and economic conditions; this data reflects the minimal number of stores that can be supported by the country’s population.