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Poland reboot

   Ten countries are becoming a new motor for the world economy. This block of ten – Mexico, South Korea, TurkeyPoland, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Iran, Argentina and Thailand – is expected to transform the future shape and dynamics of global business.Moreover AT Kearney’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index provides a unique look at the present and future prospects for ever-increasing international investment flows. Poland is ranked 6th among the top 20 recipients of countries in the world for Foreign Direct Investment, behind Germany, Brazil, India, United States and China, respectively.

   Poland’s May 2004 accession into the European Union (“EU”) and its demonstrated financial resilience during the current global financial crisis has strengthened its position as the fastest growing, most diversified and economically stable country of Europe.

   In addition to the favorable trends boasted by the Polish economy, Poland has many other more qualitative factors contributing to a favorable retail investment climate: existing investment success and satisfaction, highly educated and hard working people, a strategic geographic location, a large and growing domestic market, and special European Union investment incentives.

   Poland was one of the few countries in the world (and the only in the EU) to experience growth throughout the global financial crisis – in spite of the financial problems experienced by its bordering neighbors and major trading partners during the global financial crisis. Poland is an ideal operating base to launch the DECORADOR® brand throughout the Central and Eastern European (CEE), Turkey, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Russia.


​   International firms have flocked to Poland since the early 90’s investing over EUR 160 billion through 2013 in Poland which far exceeds other EU countries. Billions of Euros continue to flow into Poland from both the foreign direct investments (FDI) and the European Union subsidies. Poland continues to offer investors an attractive system of incentives in the form of tax exemptions in Special Economic Zones and EU financial grants for new investment, job creation and training.