DECORADOR will be prepared for the opportunity to acquire groups of stores with fixturing, equipment and leaseholds intact from retailers who are losing market share and are looking for an exit strategy.

   DECORADOR is the only one-stop home décor store capable of delivering a fully installed home decoration package for the Poles via both its stores and e-commerce store. Therefore the Company is a desirable and viable alternative for major mall developers who must have an offering of unique, fashionable and affordable home dйcor & fashion products to complete their merchandise offering within their mall/shopping center. The brand’s niche position among its competition has proven to be very appealing to retail developers & landlords in Poland. 

   Approximately 64% of the Company’s stores in Poland will be

company-owned and 36% will be franchisee-owned. Most franchisee-owned stores will be opened in cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants. Forty-four of the larger mall stores, all company-owned will be clustered in the nine major Polish cities: Tri-mister Area (Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia) / Szczecin / Bydgoszcz / Poznan / Lodz / Warsaw / Wroclaw / Katowice / Krakow The Company will open 20 + stores in both the Warsaw (2,000,000 population) and Katowice (3,100,000 population) Metros. Master Franchises will be marketed and operated in each of the bordering countries to Poland.

Major cities (poland)

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