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the male customer. This foundation of one hundred “new generation” big-box DIY stores allowed LOWE’S to open new stores very fast and soon positioned LOWE’S as the only remaining domestic competitor to The Home Depot. LOWE’S has approximately 2,000 stores whereas The Home Depot has approximately 2,500 stores now. Undoubtedly, over the years LOWE’S has continued to appeal to the female customer, more so than The Home Depot.

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​   LOWE’S was just a neighborhood hardware and lumber store in 1992. Global Retailers designed and implemented a big-box new store protocol for LOWE’S which facilitated LOWE’S in opening fifty plus big-box stores per year for two consecutive years. In addition, the product selection of the LOWE’S prototype was expanded to include high-fashion soft home collections, small and major appliance departments, a broad selection of special order window treatments and a high-fashion paint and wall covering department. These high-fashion product lines were added to attract the female customer in addition to