Bill W. Bussey

Executive Vice President – International Franchising

Nacho Barraquer

Gregory A. Frushour


Leadership team

   Mr. Frushour is an investor in Global Retailers, a Board member and Secretary of the Board. In addition, in case of the incapacitation of the founder, Mr. Frushour would assume the day-in, day-out responsibilities of the founder of Global Retailers and the DECORADOR brand. As a Staff NATO Officer, Mr. Frushour was stationed in Germany, at the NATO School as a Deputy Director, has served in Kosovo at NATO HQs...​​


Mr. Pawel Szwarcbach

International Franchising Team

Founder, Chairman & CEO

 Executive Vice President – Poland

Poland Leadership Team

Office: +1.757-961-7218

425 W. Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2 F / Oklahoma City, OK 73116

    The founder spent the past 15 years serving as the CEO of three international retailers in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Istanbul, Turkey; and Warsaw, Poland. During this time he developed several long-term transparent relationships in the global home décor markets which allow his companies to access suppliers only available to the largest retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.


   Mr. Szwarcbach serves as the Executive Vice President of Global Retailers in charge of Poland. Mr. Szwarcbach first joined Global Retailers as an Executive Assistant to the Chairman representing the Founder’s business interest throughout Poland. He was later reassigned as the Interim Manager of DECORADOR during a ’crisis’ restructuring.


   Mr. Nacho Barraquer is a 35 year old, highly-educated and experienced international retail executive. Mr. Barraquer brings to Global Retailers an extensive background in marketing, operating and developing successful retail franchises and brands as Managing Director across the CEE and MENA regions. He was the Managing Director of the startup and development...