The operating and management experience acquired as a result of the first Decorador start up and the recent restructuring of DECORADOR provides actual historical financial results on which to base the Company’s budget.  While the original big-box Decorador store generated approximately $6 million in sales, operated at a 38% gross margin and was a desired brand by the Poles, the format was too expensive to open, and too inflexible once opened for emerging economies.


  Global Retailers gained considerable knowledge of and experience in Poland’s retail home products market through the opening of its first 38,000 sq. ft. Decorador store in Warsaw, Poland.  The first Decorador (lower case letters for first company) store revealed that there was a tremendous opportunity looming in the Polish home products market. 


   DECORADOR’s core is in its disciplined approach to thriving as a low-cost operator.  A low-cost operating environment enhances profitability, increases flexibility, and fosters a sense of discipline, creativity and confidence in Company Associates.  DECORADOR uses low-cost operating strategies in all facets of its business; a) hiring/staffing, b) sourcing/buying, c) site selection & negotiations, d) opening stores fast and in groups and e) marketing.


   Poland’s May 2004 accession into the European Union and its demonstrated financial resilience during the 2009-2011 global financial crisis has strengthened its position as the fastest growing, most diversified and economically stable country of Europe.   International firms have flocked to Poland since the early 90s investing nearly EURO 200 billion in Poland, which far exceeds other EU countries.  


   DECORADOR is committed to bringing the “world of home fashion” to the people of Poland and the CEE & MENA regions, as the Founder did for the people of Istanbul, Turkey (through Planet); São Paulo, Brazil (through Conibra); and Warsaw, Poland (through the original Decorador store in 2002).  He spent the past 15 years serving as the CEO of three international retailers in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Istanbul, Turkey; and Warsaw, Poland. 

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Investment Considerations

THE Mission

Poland, an Ideal Market

   A retailer’s pricing policy impacts all facets of its business model, including sales volume, profit margins, brand image, marketing strategies, merchandising practices, and inventory management.  In today’s discount-oriented retail environment, the key to success for a specialty retailer is the complete understanding of its niche in the market place.  There is a void in Poland’s home retail market, as Polish Clients are seeking a more distinctive and unique assortment of merchandise than is currently available.


DECORADOR Cultural Values

   DECORADOR offers a unique Selection of value-priced home furnishing and home décor products (& services) while Saving its Clients much ‘time & money’. The targeted Client is the educated, middle-income, Internet-savvy and time-starved female in the emerging markets.  Empowered Associates work hard, make money and have fun delivering ‘above & beyond’ Client Service from the multi-channel network providing a huge Savings of time and money for the Clients and the ultimate 24/7 ‘time & location’ shopping convenience and experience. 

Experienced and Diverse Management Team

   The DECORADOR® Reboot in Poland will consist of three channels:  an e-commerce, Internet-based In-home Sales & Services and a group of stores.  Franchises will be marketed in the smaller cities of Poland.  DECORADOR Master Franchise Systems™ will be marketed throughout the CEE and MENA regions.  Once profitability is attained in Poland, the Brand will implement an initial public offering (IPO) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).
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Five-year Financial Forecast for Poland


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  DECORADOR’s target Client is the educated, career-oriented, middle-income female between the ages of 22 and 55.  These women may or may not be married, but the Company’s objective is to gain their loyalty as early as possible in their life cycle.  Experience has shown that by focusing on the female Client, the loyalty of their male counterparts will soon follow.


Niche Opportunity

$2 Billion Vision

   Although the competitive landscape in retail home furnishings throughout Poland and most of the emerging markets continues to evolve, 

DECORADOR's four primary sources of competition remain the same:

  • IKEA 

  • Large Sypermarkets, DIY stores and other mass merchandisers  

  • International chain specialty stores 

  • Small boutiques, open markets, street vendors and kiosks​              ​Read more...

   The very first orientation class at Deco University focuses on DECORADOR’s six Cultural Values.  These Values firstly outline how leadership is to treat each Associate, secondly how Associates are to treat other Associates and lastly how the Associates are to treat Clients, 1 @ a time.   Every Associate will be introduced and participate in roleplaying with each of the six Cultural Values at Deco University.


Our Story

Targeted Client 

Rapid Store Roll-out Capability

Proven Model

Ability to Acquire Prime Store Locations

   The ability to rapidly roll-out profitable DECORADOR retail stores is vital to the Company’s growth strategy and financial success.  The DECORADOR management team has extensive experience and success in U.S. and international retail store expansion programs, with a very specific expertise in the home products/décor retail format in the USA, Poland, Turkey and Brazil.   
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    DECORADOR is led by an experienced and diverse management team of dedicated American, Polish, Spanish and Russian executives with an extensive track record of success in international home product retail formats.  Four members of the “success team” – the Founder, the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Merchandising and the Director of Operations & Stores – all worked together in the original DECORADOR start-up.

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Competitive Advantage

   There are currently four types of retail formats competing in the home products market in Poland: IKEA, hypermarkets, specialty stores and “uncivilized retail.”  IKEA, the world’s largest and most successful international retailer of home furnishings designs, manufactures and retails a simple Scandinavian line of merchandise under the IKEA brand in stores averaging approximately 250,000 square feet in size. 


THE Culture

   Considering the following  favorable Investment Considerations in conjunction with increases in EBITDA multiples, brand valuations, franchising activity, opportunistic acquisitions and planned exit strategies, DECORADOR presents a compelling and quite extraordinary global investment opportunity with mitigated risks and grounded in a successful past, ideal present, and promising future.

   The pivotal anchor of DECORADOR is its e-commerce store, and its menu of value-added services; the ‘silver bullet’ of the Brand is its In-home Sales & Service™ channel and the ‘showrooming’ is the brick and mortar stores.  All three channels play a vital role in SAVING the Clients much ‘time & money’ and providing the ultimate 24/7 shopping experience.


   At the end of 2009, DECORADOR was operating an exciting

e-commerce store, and a small network of stores.  The global financial crisis raised its ugly head - the leadership team with their eye on survival decided to restructure the management team, launch a B2B site, install an in-home sales & service strategy and install design studios in all stores.

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   Incorporate the most attractive attributes of Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Decorators Collection into one footprint and the result is DECORADOR – a high-tech, game-changing home décor retailer for the emerging markets.  Every major mall developer needs, desires and will pay for one, as demonstrated by the excitement of developers behind the Arkadia Mall and IKEA’s Domteka project, among others. 


  Three critical success components of the Company’s business strategy and offering are having 1) a unique selection of home décor products (and services), 2) a savings of time and money while shopping and 3) above & beyond service, 1 @ a time™.  Its targeted Clients are the Internet-savvy, time-starved, career-oriented females.  Constant focus on these components and these Clients has made DECORADOR a game-changer in home décor retail in Poland.  Unique Selection, Savings of time & money & Service, above & beyond – always making the difference!

Low-cost Operating Mantra

   DECORADOR’s essence begins with leadership’s passionate and never-ending commitment to the Brand’s first Cultural Value – “Associates come first.”  Leadership feels that those retailers who say “Customers come first” are simply ignoring the most opportunistic, but difficult aspect of building a highly-differentiated retail brand. 


Lessons Learned

Success Components

Unique Selection from the Worldwide Marketplace

Everyday Fair Pricing


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