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global vision

   Three critical success factors of the Company’s mission statement are:
      1) having engaging (trained) People as store Associates;
      2) offering unique (value-priced) home decor Products;
      3) displaying its unique Products with inspiring Presentations; 

   Engaging People, unique Products and inspiring Presentations are compelling differentiators in retail today. The brand’s targeted Clients are the Internet-savvy, time-starved, career-oriented 22 to 52 year old females.

   DECORADOR is anchored by its e-commerce store, and a network of conveniently-located and shopper-friendly stores. The pivotal anchor of the business model is its e-commerce operations and their menu of value-added services which saves the Client much ‘time and money’. The Company, by being anchored and supported by the e-commerce store, can open and operate brick and mortar stores ranging from 1000 sq. ft. for densely populated neighborhoods to 20,000 sq. ft. for mall anchor stores. Each store prototype will be tailored to the size and demographics of the respective market. Every store, no matter how small will have a number of DECORADOR InfoKiosks to access the e-commerce store and a design studio section. The critical mass of stores required for Company profitability is 9 stores – at which point the Company will significantly benefit from its increasing economies of scale. The Company has the capacity to double its store count every 180 days for the next two years.

   DECORADOR® will open 159 company and franchise-operated stores throughout Poland within five years.
The Company has developed a working Franchise System which is being marketed to potential franchisees in the smaller cities of Poland and as Master Franchises in the remaining Central & Eastern European (CEE) and Middle East & North Africa (MENA) countries. With these and numerous other proven revenue-generating strategies, DECORADOR® is well-prepared for its rapid growth and store rollout.

   DECORADOR® is a ‘low-cost’ multi-channel home products & home decor retailer headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. The Company’s business model has been designed to be implemented in countries with emerging economies. DECORADOR has slowly and methodically developed and implemented its
   1) diversified business model;
   2) low-cost infrastructure;
   3) an empowered organization capable of opening austere stores fast;