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   Global Retailers was a minority investor with a Polish venture capital firm being the majority investor. Global Retailers designed the business model, completed independent market research to validate the model, recruited the complete management & buyer team, assembled the product offering and supplier base, negotiated a store lease from IKEA and opened a 38,000 sq. ft. store within 120 days. The product selection and store size/layout was modeled after the normal-sized Bed Bath & Beyond store in the USA. After numerous and contentious disagreements with the VC firm, the founder resigned as the Executive Chairman of the Board, but remained a board member. Later the founder purchased the enterprise and its assets from the Polish bankruptcy courts and resurrected Decorador S. A. (small case letters) as DECORADOR (large case letters) , a Polish retail brand owned and operated by GlobalDom Sp. z. o.o., a Polish limited liability company owned by Global Retailers LLC.


Decorador S.A.