Conibra Stores in Sao Paulo, Brazil (now Casa E Construcao or C e C)

market’s population and demographics. In addition, a new big-box self-service high-fashion prototype store was opened – all within twelve months.

   During the self-service reformatting, more soft home products such as bedding, linens,           curtains and draperies, towels and bath accessories and a high-fashion paint & wall                 covering department were added to attract the female consumers. Moreover installed sales     with installation revenues were added, at a time when all USA retailers were discontinuing       their installed sales departments because of warranty and legal problems. The installed           sales department was supported with several Project Centers in each store. These Project Centers had a number of vignettes illustrating the newest trends in 1) Doors & Windows, 2) Bathrooms, 3) Kitchens and 4) Carpets and Flooring. In addition a complete outside installed sales staff was added and soon become the most productive individuals in creating sales.

   Global Retailers completed the acquisition of Conibra, a 5-store construction chain owned by a Brazilian Japanese family for a Brazilian investor. These existing stores were remodeled into several self-service formats and sizes, all with central checkout areas, tool rental departments and a “How To” University. The different-sized stores provided Conibra the flexibility to open the appropriate-sized store format by market based upon the 

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   At the end of twelve months, the Brazilian owner had a 5-store base with a diversified game-changing business model with various sized prototypes for the future development of the Conibra DIY brand. In 2000 the Conibra chain was merged with several other chains and the name was changed to C e C (Casa E Construcao) stores . Today, C e C has forty plus stores and is the only privately held Brazilian-owned DIY store chain which has successfully competed with the huge international DIY chains like Praktiker, OBI and Castorama.