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   Global Retailers – USA and its retail brand DECORADOR are always looking to add talented and enthusiastic individuals to its team. The Company’s success throughout its targeted markets depends on attracting the best people and nurturing their talent, so that Global Retailers can continue to develop the DECORADOR brand throughout its targeted markets. Global Retailers has a continuous recruitment program.

     We recruit on merit and believe in equality of opportunity. There is no barrier to joining our firm or any perfect model candidate, although we do look for people who share our values:

   Our commitment to cherish the trust of our clients and business partners, to deliver the highest quality service and to work within a team of happy and enthusiastic people who respect and trust one another.

   Global Retailers welcomes resumes, CVs or introductory letters from anyone interested in joining us. Retail, legal, real estate, financial, accounting, administrative, language and office skills and experience will help but we will consider an application from any candidate, even with limited or no work experience, for trainee and support roles. We look for people with career ambition and actively encourage rapid career advancement for everyone. We have a strong and happy team.

   Your application should be submitted by email to and should include a CV in English, together with an indication of the type of role you are seeking. Please review carefully our website before submitting your application and understand what we do. While we cannot promise to make contact with every applicant, we will review thoroughly every written application we receive.

   If you join Global Retailers, you will find that the Company is committed to helping your career development, whatever your role in our firm might be. You will learn and develop personal and professional skills as you work alongside colleagues who are leaders in their field. At every stage of your career, we will work with you to help you achieve your career ambitions.