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David T. Mix

   Global Retailers’ Board of Advisors is chaired by Bill W. Bussey; the Founder, Chairman and Managing Member of Global Retailers LLC. The Board of Advisors is advisory in nature to the founder. Each Advisor has consistently re-invested in DECORADOR since their initial investment. Each Advisor has much to gain in insuring that DECORADOR is successful in Poland and the remainder of its targeted markets.

   Moreover each Advisor has the skill set, work experience and career accomplishments which would qualify him to serve as a liaison between Global Retailers LLC in the United States and Paul Kincaid, the Chief Financial Officer of Coventry Holdings Sp. z. case of an unexpected incapacitation of the founder, Bill W. Bussey to serve in his position. All Advisors have visited DECORADOR in Poland.

   The following individuals have been selected to serve on the Board of Advisors.

Mr. Greg Frushour

Albert (Tom) T. Atkinson

Position open for new investors

board of advisors 

Mr. David T. Mix is an investor in Global Retailers. David has spent the majority of his career in executive leadership positions where he was responsible for his companies’ marketing, community relations, stockholder relations & meetings and fund-raising activities. In each assignment, he was responsible for establishing new leadership standards and raising the performance bar for his team’s performance metrics. 

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Mr. Greg Frushour is an Elite investor with the Company and will serve in the position of President – International Franchising for Global Retailers, LLC. He is the primary back-up to assume the Founder’s responsibilities in case of his incapacitation. Mr. Frushour is currently the principal and President of Mil-tek Indiana Recycling & Waste Solutions LLC. Mr. Frushour was recently a contract Senior Analyst with the Federal Bureau of Investigation,...

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Position open for new investors

Position open for new investors

Tom Atkinson is an Elite investor responsible for one of the largest “Circles” in the Company.  He has consistently supported the development of the company with additional personal investments.  After serving time in the Navy and obtaining his degree in Business Administration at Montgomery College Rockville, Maryland he returned to Southeastern Virginia where he joined a startup distribution company named Allied Heating and was ultimately...